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MYBO Group - Services

Health / Medical Camps
MYBO planned various camps in rural and slum areas to serve them to a maximum extent. In this regard NSS and NCC cadets of various colleges are proposed to move together.

Student / Career Counseling
In case student is in depression due to various causes and needs counseling cum moral support, MYBO will spend its time to take care about such students. They can approach MYBO for proper path framing in their career.

Eye Donation Camps
Eye Sight is a GODís gift to us for enjoying the natureís beauty and leading our life happily. Then What about BLIND people! Itís no way less than a loss of lifeÖ

Hence MYBO initiated to organize EYE DONATION CAMP to bring awareness in public and students about the possibility to serve the blind even after our demise which makes us live long...

Service to the Tribes
MYBO will move together with various organizations to make the services reach tribal people too.

Event Management
MYBO will help students organize their functions like Freshers party, Farewell party, Annual day, Seminars, Symposia, Conferences etc. in a best way with innovative ideas and cost effective manner.

E-bulletin/ News Letter
If any college is interested to run an e-bulletin or news letter periodically then MYBO will take up the project and provide complete assistance if the college activities data is provided. MYBO will design and submit the final file.

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